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The first deadline for submissions for the International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA 2018 ends on the 27th of September!

Take advantage of the most attractive terms - contact us today!


In 2018, BUDMA will present, i.a.:

  • The Largest Roof Salon in Poland
  • The Largest Joinery Salon in Poland
  • Parquet and Floors Salon
  • Scaffolding and Formwork Salon.

Construction industry fair BUDMA will also present new showroom, called Design 4 Senses

Design 4 Senses is a specially arranged space of the BUDMA fair that will take your customers to an unusual world full of sensual experiences!

VisualStudio - Excellent composition of shapes, colours and forms gives space extraordinary character!

Show modern colours, a harmony of shapes, 3D effect or smart lighting - inspire, attract attention and create a unique atmosphere!

TouchPoint Zone - a touch of comfort!

Awareness of heat comfort, extraordinary material texture and innovative smart home solution provide convenience, security and functionality.

AudioZone - time to relax!

The good acoustics of the rooms affect our well-being, both at work and at home. Silence allows for uninterrupted rest, gently reaching nature sounds provide relaxation, better efficiency and concentration.

AromaSpot - aroma aura!

Reducing and absorbing odours is often a problem. The smell of nature arouses positive associations and introduces them into a good mood. Take your customers on a magical journey through the scented garden!

The BUDMA fair also includes over 100 substantive conferences, special events, contests, shows, championships and much, much more for the fair visitors!

We invite you to participate in the International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA!


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