The BUDMA Fair has been a peculiar barometer of trends and changes in the construction industry in Poland for over 25 years. Presentation of the latest technologies, products and solutions is reflected in the amount of construction and renovation work in the construction season following the fair.

The very good situation in the development market, the large number of completed buildings and new construction permits allows us to look optimistically at the development of the construction sector in Poland in the coming years. As such, BUDMA Fair is a great place to present the offer on a growing market and acquire new business contacts.

Following the report of the Central Statistical gus.jpgOffice of Poland in the period of I-IV of 2018 as many as 58095 dwellings were completed which is 12,2% more year-to-year. Among two main forms of constructions in the housing market better results were recorded by developers who completed 32714 dwellings, i.e. by 15.9% more than the year before (when an increase was recorded by 2.4%) and private investors – 23869 dwellings, i.e. by 6.1% more (against an increase by 2.1% the year before ). The share of these forms of construction amounted to 97.4% of the total number of dwellings completed in January-April of 2018 (of which developers – 56.3% and private investors – 41.1%). More dwellings, in comparison with January-April of 2017, were completed by the housing cooperatives (703 dwellings against 579), in the public building society construction 405 dwellings (against 199 dwellings the year before), in the municipal construction 380 dwellings (against 291), in the company construction 24 dwelling (against 13).

In January-April of 2018 permits and registrations with a construction project have been granted for construction of 87475 dwellings i.e. by 4.8% more than in January-April of 2017 (when an increase was noted by 36.8%). Permits for construction of the biggest number of dwellings were given to investors in the form construction for sale or rent - 56226 dwellings and to private investors - 28870 dwellings. Housing cooperatives were given permits for 418 dwellings (against 711 dwellings the year before) while other investors (the public building society, the municipal and company construction) - 1961 dwellings, i.e. by 24,0% more than the year before.

Record breaking time for construction industry in Poland

The final data for 2017 will be published by the Central Statistical Office only at the end of 2018. However - as explained in the report of the research company SPECTIS titled “Construction Market in Poland 2018 – 2025” - knowing the preliminary results of large construction companies and taking into account the trends in single-family and non-residential construction, estimates can be made.

These indicate that in 2017 the total construction and assembly output of construction and non-construction companies increased by a real 8%, to 193 billion PLN (exceeding the record index from 2011).

- The new record is not only due to the very good results of the previous year, but also the effect of the GUS's re-estimation of data for 2016 - Bartłomiej Sosna, Spectis expert, stressed. - It turns out that described as fatal for construction companies year 2016 finally ended with only a 2-percent drop in the total construction output - he added. This means that the center of gravity of the Polish construction sector has clearly shifted from large construction groups towards smaller and more specialized entities.

According to the prognosis of the SPECTIS in 2018 the construction market in Poland will exceeds total value of 200 billion PLN (about 50 billion Euro). It will correspond to slightly above 10% of GPD values.

Source: Central Statistical Office,


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