Hosted Buyers Programme


What is BUDMA 2019 Hosted Buyer Programme?

Hosted Buyers programme makes it easy for the top buyers to attend the biggest in Central Eastern Europe Construction and Architecture Fair – BUDMA, which will be held in Poznan (Poland) from 12-15th of February 2019.

The Hosted Buyers Programme is a unique component of BUDMA that provides top-level buyers an opportunity to meet with the exhibitors of their choice for focused one-to-one appointments. Qualified buyers will be our VIP guests. They will receive accommodation, travel and many other benefits.

Participation is free of charge, subject to strict qualifying criteria.


Who is a Hosted Buyer?

If you represent: purchasing & procurement executives of major wholesaler groups, DIY chains, importers or distributors of  building materials, general contractors or developers and you are responsible for planning, organizing, recommending or making purchase decisions for the company, you may be eligible to attend as a Hosted Buyer.

Hosted Buyers are the highest level buyers and decision makers from across the world.
They are recognized as professionals who work as, e.g.:

  • Owner of the company
  • Representative of the Board
  • Purchase director
  • Senior level Purchase Specialist
  • Merchant


How to qualify?

Complete the form below to register your interest in attending BUDMA 2019 Hosted Buyers Programme. Applicants must fill in BUDMA 2019 Hosted Buyer Registration Form, and complete all questions and boxes. All approved Hosted Buyers will receive a Hosted Buyers Application Form with Conditions for Participation in BUDMA 2019 Hosted Buyers Programme.


What are the benefits?

  • A personal itinerary of appointments with your choice of over hundreds of exhibiting companies. No time wasted meeting with exhibitors that don't fit your business needs!
  • Admittance to exclusive BUDMA business evening.
  • Transfers within Poznan from the airport – hotel – exhibition
  • Airport ‘meet and assist’ service on arrival
  • Accommodation at one of Poznan's top hotels
  • Dedicated BUDMA support team before and during the exhibition
  • Hosted Buyer ZONE access, with complimentary wi-fi and other services
  • Complimentary travel*

*depending on your location – selected routes only


How does it work?


To be considered for the Hosted Buyers Programme, you need to submit your registration. If you're eligible to take part, you'll receive an official confirmation email letting you know that you've been accepted.


Once you've been accepted, you will be asked to read terms and conditions of the programme and fill in application form.


After receiving properly filled in documents, we will be able to organize your trip and accommodation.

STEP 4 – EXHIBITORS’ selection process

You will be asked to select at least 12 companies (6 per day) to meet with during the event.


Visit to the fair, according to schedule.


Expression of Interest

Complete the Registration Form below to register your interest in attending BUDMA 2019 as a Hosted Buyer:


Hosted Buyer’s Commitments

As a Hosted Buyer, you commit to:

* attend at least six meetings per day (a minimum of 12 meetings in total) with the exhibitors included on the appointment list provided by organizer

* to take part in BUDMA 2019 exhibition on each day of your stay in Poznan

All Hosted Buyers are obliged to sign the Application Form which includes buyer’s rights and obligations. To complete your application you will need passport information and credit card details. Credit card information is required for possible cancellation and no show fees. No other charges will be made against your credit without prior notification. Credit card details are encrypted and stored securely and safely. Accepted credit cards include Visa, Mastercard and American Express.


As a Hosted Buyer we ask you to be able to commit to the full Hosted Buyer programme due to the exclusivity of the event. Please kindly consider this time requirement before submitting your application.


More reasons to be a part of BUDMA Hosted Buyer ProgramME!

Business deals - Everyone you need to meet is at BUDMA

Appointment system - make appointments before the exhibition

Premiers and news - discover the latest trends

Efficient use of your time – meet your potential business partners in one place and time, save your time and money


Appointment System for Buyers

BUDMA enables buyers to schedule appointments and message exhibitors before they arrive in Poznan. This ensures that buyers can meet everyone they want to see and maximize the time for real face-to-face business on the exhibition floor.



BUDMA enables buyers to schedule appointments and message exhibitors before they arrive in Poznan. This ensures that buyers can meet everyone they want to see and maximize the time for real face-to-face business on the exhibition floor.


NOTE : The number of programme participants is limited

The application deadline: 14th of December 2018.

Do not hesitate – Register NOW

For further details please contact us at: hb.budmaat


You can be SEMI OR FULLY HOSTED to suit your business needs.

For buyers who would like to benefit from a “lighter” option of the programme, we offer a SEMI-HOSTED BUYERS attendance option providing the onsite benefits and pre-scheduled meetings with exhibitors.


SEMI HOSTED BUYERS benefits include:

  • free entry to the fair
  • prescheduled appointments with exhibitors of your choice
  • entry to the Hosted Buyers Zone
  • free Wi-Fi
  • transfers hotel-exhibition-hotel (only from partner hotels in selected days)
  • on- site support of the Hosted Buyers Team.

For further details please contact us at:  hb.budmaat

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