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Trade fairs – a place of meetings, talks, shows, special events, innovation demonstrations and opportunities of thousands of companies for hundreds thousands professionals, specialists and final consumers during over 80 dedicated trade fair events throughout the year. This is a very brief description of Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie. Business talks, taking care of the company image or the already mentioned presentation of the offer is still not everything that the fairs have to offer. Among countless products or services, special attention should be paid to those whose visual identification in the market has one distinctive feature – the logo of the MTP Gold Medal.

fotobueno_zm_2015-113.jpgWhen becoming a fair exhibitor, you may register your product to participate in the MTP Gold Medal competition, but it needs to meet certain requirements: it must be innovative and unique in its class, it has to be made of excellent quality materials and manufactured using superior technology. It also needs to meet a number of additional criteria associated with a particular industry. Having met those requirements, the product is subject to a thorough analysis of the expert jury.


I have received the MTP Gold Medaland now what?

fotobueno_zm_2015-138.jpgThe competition jury announces the results at least one month before the fair event. From this moment, massive promotional activities in the pre-fair period begin, initiated by Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, using the database of cooperating media, industry and national ones, as well as the Internet. Obviously, you also have the right to use the logo of this prestigious award in all promotional materials of your product. There is also another important aspect – your product will enter an additional competition, in which the consumers will choose the winners and thanks to the votes of your clients, you may have a chance to win the MTP Gold Medal – Consumers' Choice. – only until September this year, over 163,000 votes were registered in that competition in total!


But what does it really give me?

fotobueno_zm_2015-170.jpgLet the numbers answer this question. The numbers presented below are the results of the surveys conducted among the companies whose products have been awarded the MTP Gold Medal. The purpose of the survey is to answer in what way the award received is used in the company marketing activities and how it has affected the increase in the brand recognition and product sales:

  • as many as 81% respondents very positively assessed the MTP Gold Medal winners promotion package used by the MTP, believing it is useful or very useful. Less than 3% companies provided negative feedback.
  • 83% respondents admitted that the information on winning the MTP Gold Medal contributed to the increase in the number of visitors to their stand during the fair; only 0.5% did not experience such an increase
  • The increase in the sales of products awarded the MTP Gold Medal has been registered by 52% companies, and only 8% believe that the award had no effect on the sales

fotobueno_zm_2015-222.jpgIt is worth noting as well in what way the information on receiving the MTP Gold Medal award is used by the winners:

  • On the website – 96.57% respondents
  • Sent to the media – 80.39%
  • Sent to clients – 86.27%
  • The logo of the MTP Gold Medal in promotional materials – 94.12%
  • The logo of the MTP Gold Medal on the product packaging – 59.32%

In the light of the above data, a positive answer to the very important question "Do you plan to participate in the next edition of the fair and to register other products in the MTP Gold Medal competition?" has been given by nearly 80% companies!


Okay, the MTP Gold Medal "works" – but how expensive is it?

fotobueno_zm_2015-162.jpgContrary to appearances, participation in the competition is not a strain on your budget. Registering the product costs only PLN 1,900 net, and all the benefits mentioned above resulting from the product promotion are included in the fee. You also gain what is the most precious – prestige and a kind of guarantee of the highest quality of the product.


You have convinced me – what do I have to do to enter the competition?

First of all, think which of your products meets the competition criteria, is innovative and is made of high quality materials. If you already are a fair exhibitor, simply fill in the application form available on here:


You will find there all the information you need on gathering technical documentation and, above all, on the competition applications deadline. If you are not a fair exhibitor yet, well, it is time to become one, and then go to item one! If you want to learn more about the MTP Gold Medal competition, visit

We wish you best of luck!


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