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Suspended ventilated facade system StoVentec R

DXW Window for flat roofs suitable for walking over it.

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The main part of the system is a carrier board with granules derived from recycled glass, whose unique material properties - a low coefficient of thermal expansion, resistance to moisture and weathering, low weight and ecological purity - gained recognition amongst designers and investors worldwide. The support plate StoVentec R system provides an excellent base for plastering the façade of various structures and grain size, also the most smooth and is flexible enough to be used even on curved surfaces.


thanks to the special design of the enhanced load capacity and anti-slip coating, DXW window allows you to freely walk over it, and thus allows smooth movement on the terraces or roofs. Thanks to the window area DXW is flush with the surface of roof windows it creates a secure area of the terrace, but also does not interfere with the aesthetics.


BIM Objects digital management system

art of technology

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Providing unique solutions to create, publish, hosting and updating of digital replicas of real products - BIM objects. Online BIMobject are parametric BIM objects representing actual products. With free enhancements to the software ArchiCAD, Revit and SketchUp, BIM objects available on the website can be directly placed in the user project in a simple and intuitive way.

Modern technologies and innovative ideas have never formed such a solid duo. Now virtually every, even the most innovative idea, with a bit of good will can be successfully implemented. You only need to want and contact us!

Wiązary Burkietowicz. We watch and we create, dream and believe, inspire and admire. for over 120 years there are no impossible structures for us.

Wiązary Burkietowicz partner is the Plasma Project which we worked in the implementation of, i.a., lążownik project.



ThermoCarbon XXL

frigotherm 1003 bc cooling plates

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ThermoCarbon aluminum door with a height of 3 meters is a way to spacious and bright entrance to the building. Their innovative design provides both: great thermal insulation (up to 0.47 W / m2K) and an attractive design. The door leaf has a flat and uniformly smooth surface. Is completed by the invisible hinges, applications, stainless steel and glass and designer fixtures. Optionally available with anti-theft equipment in the class RC 2, R 3, or 4 RC.

FRIGOTHERM 1003 BC cooling plates are innovative and energy-efficient solution that allows for quick installation of the objects of the specialized purpose. Thanks to the labyrinth shape of the lock product acquires high technical parameters and by the availability of a wide range of steel cladding - aesthetic. FRIGOTHERM 1003 BC is a product completely safe for the environment and 100% recyclable. The product has the required technical documentation that permits the product to the Polish market and the EU

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fire without borders

Poujoulat chimneys

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The development of concern for customer satisfaction, product quality and ecology is the philosophy of the Spartherm company. Spartherm fireplaces have a multitude of options, shapes, glass, trim and finish options.  Our fireplaces can be fired with wood, gas or pellet biofuel. Spartherm looks both to the future, creating fireplaces for passive houses, as well as into the past, saving the historic tiled stoves.

Complete steel chimney systems for new or existing buildings. An undoubted advantage of the Poujoulat chimneys  are the highest quality, with aesthetic finish and the system can be painted in any RAL color. Unleash your imagination by designing fireplaces in any part of the house. With Poujoulat chimneys your designs will take on a new light form. Immerse yourself in creativity - we will take care of security.



EPDM –Maßanzug for sealing flat roofs

Baltic Wood floors

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NovoProof® roofing sheets are produced directly at the plant, based on the CAD developed production plans, prepared for the specific size of the object.

Prefabrication process also includes sealing all the necessary culverts and connections contained in a planeof the roof. They are absolutely tight and at the same time fully  integrated locally into the cloth.

Safe rapid thermal bonding technology Thermofast® allows perfect welding and a perfect fit for the whole product membranes, flanges and other elements formed NovoProof®.

Our technology is EPDM tailored  - directly from the manufacturer.
Aesthetics within the meaning of Baltic Wood is primarily a wide floor selection. Because beauty has many faces. Therefore Baltic Wood offer proposes a choice of 7 flooring collection of various style and character, 17 species of European, American and exotic wood. More than 500 compositions of color and visual effects.

With such a wide palette of possibilities, each demanding customer will find a solution that suits his needs.
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