Products awarded with the MTP Gold Medal 2020


See products and solutions that will set trends in the construction market in 2020! The BUDMA 2020 Gold Medal award is not only prestige but above all a guarantee of innovation and high-quality materials, confirmed by a Jury of outstanding specialists from the construction industry! During the BUDMA fair, products awarded with the Gold Medal will be highlighted in a special way, and you will have an opportunity to talk about their unique properties with the representatives of companies at the stands.

List arranged alphabetically by product name. All prizes awarded are equivalent.

STRAMA balcony railings

Railings from Strama Panels provide a unique solution, as the user may freely choose their colour and texture individually for the inner and outer side of the railings. Installation is quick and easy, as in case of all products from Strama Panels. Click and it's ready! The highest quality facade with window veneer and anodized aluminium guarantee maintenance-free operation. The customer may choose the colour of veneers to match the style of windows or own preferences. Everything is tailored to the individual needs of customers.


Sliding gate with angular drive

Individual solutions adapted to the surroundings and attractive both in technical and visual aspects. Sloping terrain and slopes are not a problem for us. We adjust our projects to the surrounding area by adequate drive technology and protection against rolling. All the sliding gates, which are adapted to the sloping terrain, are provided with protection against shifting. This prevents unintended opening or closing when the drive is unlocked.


Canada Rubber fix now

CANADA RUBBER FIX NOW is a single thixotropic polyurethane waterproofing membrane, enriched with fibres. FIX NOW is intended for protecting attics, skylight bases, finishing of chimneys, ventilation ducts, bases of air-conditioners, etc. With polyester fibres that create a distributed reinforcement, FIX NOW saves the working time and facilitates the maintenance or renovation work, eliminating the need to install various kinds of reinforcements or technical.


Piemont ceramic tile

This tile is produced from completely natural, ecological and safe material. Its technical parameters make the tiles frost and fire-resistant, durable and with very low water absorption. The most important feature is their significant displaceability reaching 38 mm, which allows installers to mount tiles in difficult places and on repaired roofs. Specially designed locks provide proper sealing and protection against gusty winds. The high quality of the product is ensured by laser control during the production process.


DH28PEC Brushless SDS Plus Rotary Hammer

Tri-functional rotary hammer: drilling / hammer drilling / hammering. This cutting-edge tool, the best in its class, is equipped with a brushless motor, controlled by sophisticated electronics. The new design has made the device stronger, faster and more advanced than the standard models. Electronic controls ensure adjustable rotation and impact speeds (Low mode / Normal mode) to provide proper operating parameters. The tool is equipped with HiKOKI (UVP) anti-vibration system, safety clutch, automatic emergency stop system, Reactive Force Control (RFC), soft start (only in slow mode) and anti-vibration handle to increase operational safety. Programmable auto-stop function for controlling depth in continuous and repetitive drilling work User benefits include higher efficiency, repeatability and accuracy of performed work. DH28PEC rotary hammer has a bit shank of SDS-plus type. Watch video from the tests:


DELTA MAGNUM 58K fire protection doors

EI30 fire protection doors with increased burglary resistance of RC4 class and acoustic insulation Rw = 48dB. The product is a part of DELTA MAGNUM series of doors awarded in 2019 with the emblem "Teraz Polska" (Now Poland). The door is based on three inventions patented by the manufacturer


Concepto DesignLine interior doors

Ideal for modern apartments. Offered with four different surfaces and four trendy colours, which can be freely combined. This allows users to reflect the individual character of the interior. Ultra-mat, glossy or structural surfaces (including linen pattern) combined with various colours (white, anthracite, light grey or brown-grey) ensure the diverse aesthetic effect. All finishing types provide high durability and strength, as well as resistance to impacts, abrasion and scratches. This ensures a long-lasting beautiful look of the door.


ThermoPlan Hybrid entrance doors

These elegant, safe and warm entrance doors are also very durable and resistant to weathering. They are made of aluminium and stainless steel. Their leaf is characteristic as its surface is ideally flush-mounted with the door frame. They are perfect for representative entrances and well-matched with the fashionable minimalist architecture. The doors are available in 12 versions with a wide range of accessories such as handles, locks and glazing, allowing users to freely arrange their look.


STONO flexible architectural concrete on a roll

STONO flexible architectural concrete is a simple way to create a modern, concrete look of the walls. In addition to perfect appearance, its main advantage is an easy installation that can be performed by almost everyone. Just stick the panel using a dispersive adhesive and your 'concrete' wall is ready. The lining may be installed indoors and most importantly on the outside of buildings, as it is a part of the insulation system. STONO is probably the only flexible, concrete-looking lining, which has the European Technical Assessment for External Thermal Insulation Composite System (ETICS).


Hensfort PE78HI Smart

HENSFORT PE78HI SMART aluminium door is equipped with an automatic espagnolette lock, provided with the integrated electronic management system and electronically controlled drive. Its strong drive unit ensures perfect sealing, as well as quick and quiet unlocking of the door. The door is also equipped with an electromechanical drive for automatic opening and closing, as well as with access control system for non-touch opening with a smartphone using Bluetooth technology.


HYDRAL MODULAR system of modular building

During BUDMA fair we will present two UDMA complete modules produced in our factory. Each of them will have a usable area of 25 square metres and they will show the options of arranging a sample space and modern technologies that may be used inside it. We will tell about the production process and the benefits of modular solutions based on a steel structure, which will gradually replace traditional technologies. We reach for innovative solutions and premium products to create a new trend in the construction industry.


HYPERDESMO®-HAA - liquid polyurethane membrane

HYPERDESMO HAA is an innovative solution for liquid polyurethane waterproofing membranes. Repair leaking tar paper (or PVC, EPDM, TPO or metal sheet) on your garage roof in just one day! Choose the latest technology to renew your large roof, avoiding high costs of removal and disposal of worn-out roofing. Use only products of the highest durability class - W3 (minimum 25 years), in accordance with European technical approval based on ETAG-005!


Klaas K400 RSX Hybrid

Klaas K400 Hybrid: hook height 34.3 m; max. hook load 3000kg; weight up to 3.5 t, max. working height up to 30m; double hydraulically telescopic fly jib (remotely controlled), double V-supports, self-propelled and self-levelling systems and shortened axle. Klaas K 400 RSX is installed on a trailer with a towing capacity of 3.50 t and has a hook at max. height of 34.3 m, which can lift 250 kg at a height of 22m with a working range up to 24.0m from the platform. The operational range of the working platform enables the work up to 30 m. This is the first trailer crane in the world equipped with v2 support system (V-shaped) and its double hydraulically telescopic fly jib enables the operator to choose between combustion and electric drive system.


Lammi Thermoblock LL500 and LL400

Hollow blocks with Lammi Thermoblock insulation are the most modern in the world. Their innovative structure and accuracy obtained by diamond machining ensure the properties required by the most demanding customers. A wall made in Lammi technology is the warmest, strongest, quietest and safest. Lammi Thermoblocks are ideal for passive and energy-efficient buildings, meeting all the strictest Scandinavian standards and ensuring a high quality of life.


Starter ventilation strip

Fixing ventilation profile – let your roof breathe deeply! This is the first steel product of this type on the market - extremely aesthetic and innovative roof accessory, dedicated to Budmat modular sheet metal roofing. Features and parameters of the fixing ventilation profile: - made of sheet metal dedicated to modular sheet metal roofing, therefore its is durable and resistant to wind gusts, - perforated profile provides perfect airflow beneath the roofing, reducing water condensation to minimum; - special steel structure prevents the access of birds and small rodents under the roof; - the unique shape of the profile eliminates the need for raising the first rack on the roof slope, saving time and material; - ideally matched to roofing metal sheets with a minimum width of 50 mm and has a special mounting openings (quick and easy installation); - the fixing ventilation profile is provided with a long-term guarantee, enabling the modular roof to be safely and reliably used for many years.


mdm® Ventia NEO roofing membranes

mdm® Ventia NEO is the flagship group of products offered by mdm®NT. It includes double-layer roofing membranes with a layer of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). They absorb moisture, which penetrates the thermal insulation layer, and then they release it to the outside. As a result, the insulation remains dry. Unique advantages of mdm® Ventia NEO membranes ensure: a) Easier and faster work of roofers; b) Properly installed and long-lasting insulation; c) Recommendations from customers satisfied with the performed work. TPU film is manufactured by mdm®NT as a 5-layer product with very good tensile strength and fire resistance, which is also UV and temperature resistant. Membranes produced by mdm®NT are purchased by customers worldwide. They pass multiple tests to meet the strict standards-based, among others, on the EU law.


Air-Bus BV 471 oil heater with flue gas outlet

MASTER BV 471 is an innovative oil heater with flue gas outlet and power of 136kW. It has a robust, steel frame, high-quality combustion chamber of stainless steel and a built-up burner. Its "cold start" switch enables a user to start the device at very low temperatures. Moreover, it is equipped with an integrated electronic control panel. Many accessories, including room thermostats, hoses for distributing warm air, 2- or 4-way air outlets, carrying handles, side bumpers, IP55.


ROMA Perfect fencing

ROMA Perfect is a fence that harmonizes perfectly with the modern architecture of private homes and public buildings. The fence is appreciated by those, who like the minimalist design. With the blocks of the ROMA Perfect system, you can build both a classic fence with a low base wall and narrow posts or solid-walled fencing that would completely separate your property from burdensome surroundings. You can choose colours that would match perfectly building facades - both in cold and warm tones. SCRATCH proprietary technology is providing uniquely subtle colours.


S 9000 window

In the standard version, windows of this type are available with warm, triple-glazed insert, three seals and six anti-burglary locking points. All S 9000 windows are sealed with V-Perfect technology. We use acrylcolor technology for veneers and colours of our windows. It is an innovative technology that provides unique colours of the woodwork that will last for years. In this case, the PVC material is combined with coloured acrylic glass, creating an inseparable mix. The obtained colour is resistant to ageing and chipping. Another innovative technology, used for the production of S 9000 windows, is STV® (static dry glazing). In this case, the glass is glued to the window rebate. STV technology enables producers to glaze windows to a height up to 2.5 m without using any crossbars.


Nyxon window base

Nyxon window base, together with all the products necessary for thermal insulation of woodwork, generates a coherent system with very advantageous properties. This product is easily and quickly installed, when combined with appropriate complementary products, such as window beams, HS and L (or L-therm) beams. They allow installers to reliably set the windows in the wall and ensure the high quality of the assembly.


PURMAX® hybrid coating

PURMAX® hybrid coating is the latest product in the offer of Pruszyński Sp. z o.o. Sheet metal roofing secured by PURMAX® answers the needs of demanding customers, who want their roofing material to be of extremely high quality and reasonable price. New hybrid components (a combination of polyester and polyurethane) and satin look perfectly fit into the current trends in building industry. With the proper hardness, the coating has a high resistance to scratching and is installer-friendly. The period of full guarantee provided by the producer is 20 years.


Reinforcing rods and meshes

Reinforcing rods and meshes made of TROKOTEX composite provides an alternative to the ribbed steel as a modern and less expensive product of high technology. Strength of our bars is twice higher than of ordinary steel products of equal diameter. This innovative and environment-friendly solution greatly reduces transportation costs and facilitates the work at the construction site. Our composite rods are great for using in geotechnical applications, mining, hydraulic engineering, tunnelling, bridges (bridge slabs, tram track slabs), concrete precasts, as a strengthening of transmission layer or anchors for concrete slabs and flooring etc.


Hörmann OktaBlock portable barrier posts

This is a response to the threats of the modern world. The ideal choice for organizers of mass events in open areas. The product may be used to quickly and easily secure any area. Hörmann OktaBlock portable barrier posts guarantee safety confirmed by international impact-proof certificates. They are available in two variants: the first may stop a truck with a weight up to 7.5 t moving at a speed of 48km/h, while the second - the vehicle of the same weight driven at the speed of 55km/h. The neat look is another advantage of the portable barrier posts.


Aluplast SMART-SLIDE - sliding patio doors

Smart-Slide patio door is the latest solution in the segment of sliding patio doors. Their main advantages include excellent technical properties and comfort of use, which is an attractive alternative to the popular PSK / PATIO doors. The innovative closing mechanism provides simple and intuitive operation, similar to the solutions used in the lifted sliding doors of HST type. Special window fittings ensure that after unlocking the door may be freely and smoothly moved on carriages concealed within the fixed structure. This is an interesting product in terms of industrial design. This product has a minimalist and Scandinavian style that provides maximized glazed surfaces.


Hormann LPU 42 L Ribbed Duragrain sectional garage door

This product is offered to property owners, who are looking for the garage doors that are not only warm, safe and comfortable in use, but also good-looking and complementing the overall, unique style of the house. The doors are very elegant and original with wide ribbed pattern and unique surface that imitates the natural appearance of various materials. Customers may choose between 24 types of Duragrain surface. Their advantage is also exceptional durability and resistance to all weather conditions.


Scandinavian construction timber

Scandinavian construction timber is a wood guaranteeing stable and healthy conditions of using the residential and public buildings. This Scandinavian construction material meets the requirements of manufacturers of building structures. Scandinavian construction timber made of spruce wood has high quality and durability. 'Sodra Polska' operates to fill the market shortages of reliable construction timber of C24 class. 'Sodra Polska' strives to ensure the rational and sustainable use of wood in order to maintain the continuity of its resources.


REBET A - special mineral mortar

REBET A is a special mineral mortar produced in Poland for the protection, restoration and waterproofing of building partitions (concrete, reinforced concrete, brick) in buildings and structures, regardless of the environment type, guaranteeing long-term and trouble-free operation. REBET is a mortar based on Portland cement with the addition of mineral activator providing the capillary effect. REBET is certified by the National Institute of Hygiene and has a Technical Approval issued by the Building Research Institute (ITB) and a Certificate of the Factory Production Inspection.


Teriva Panel ceiling slab

Teriva Panel ceiling slab is a new version of the popular type of closely-ribbed ceiling slabs of Teriva series. Advantages: very quick installation, lower costs, no supports needed for a span up to 4m, excellent sound insulation, no concrete overlay and no need for hollow blocks.


CGLASS OFFICE LED system of aluminium profiles for glass cabinetry with integrated LED light source.

The latest product of CGLASS company, owned by NORGPOL. The aim of the product designers was to create an innovative system for glass cabinetry, which would revolutionize methods of finishing office space. Based on several years of experience and working with architects and designers, we have created a product that combines practicality with modernity, without the need to follow the latest trends, as it is ahead of them, due its creativity and functionality.


Deimic One - smart home system

System Inteligentnego Domu Deimic One to rewolucyjny przewodowy system automatyki budynkowej, którego zadaniem jest zapewnienie komfortu użytkownikom domu. System Deimic One łączy w jeden system wszystkie mniejsze systemy elektryczne w domu dzięki czemu systemy te mogą się komunikować między sobą. System Deimic One to jedyny system Inteligentnego Domu na rynku, który w bardzo prosty sposób za pomocą aplikacji mobilnej daje użytkownikowi końcowemu możliwość zmiany niemal każdej jego funkcji. Natomiast jego kompaktowa budowa ogranicza potrzebne miejsce, które trzeba przeznaczyć na rozdzielnię elektryczną.


'MOD' - Modular Roof Flashing System

!! ABSOLUTE PREMIERE AT BUDMA FAIR !! 'MOD' - Modular Roof Flashing System is the only solution of this type on the Polish market. It is universal, suitable for many types of roofing materials and made of the highest quality Swedish and German steel (ArcelorMittal and SSAB steel plants). This innovative solution will make your roof complete. The 'MOD' system uses solutions that provide advantages not only in terms of aesthetics but also in the technical dimension when compared to roofing materials offered by other manufacturers. Currently, investors prefer easy, fast, and very good-looking solutions - therefore we offer ready-to-use finishing accessories that perfectly match selected roofing - they all included in our Modular Roof Flashing System. The investor receives everything the roofer needs to make a beautiful, durable and safe roof.


KROP gutter systems

The new standard created with roofers and for roofers. Blachotrapez Group owns the machinery fleet, which is the most modern in Poland and intended for the production of steel and PVC gutters according to the company's standards. Innovation for quality and the environment. KROP PVC is a system that uses recycled materials with calcium-zinc stabilizers - 100% ecological. Non-toxic formula, currently the best on the market. KROP STEEL is made of lightweight steel with zinc coating of 275 g/m². Supplier - Marcegaglia steel plant, which is famous for its organic product range. KROP STEEL is based on the automation used in the production of elbows and pipe connectors. The manufacturing process eliminates micro-cracks during the pressing and ensures reliable tightness with 40 years of mechanical durability and 15 years of colour stability. KROP PVC products are manufactured by co-extrusion technology and cut with a guillotine, which ensures high resistance to external factors. Semicircular shape and a new four-lip seal increase KROP PVC efficiency by 50%. Intuitive work with KROP PVC system is facilitated by arrows indicating the direction of assembly and option of fixing the gutter on the side of the sealing layer or the wall. KROP STEEL is easy to use and installation, even at temperatures below -15°C. Additionally, it offers many types of gutter hooks.


ThermaCote - sprayed thermal barrier coating, primer and top coat: all in one solution

ThermaCote is a single-component coating for spray application. This is a water-based acrylic material, which includes a ceramic technology. The declared amount of ceramic is 80%. Ease of use on new or upgraded structures allows user to improve the efficiency of floor insulation, HVAC systems, wall and roof systems on all types of substrates, including metal, brick, cement, concrete, wood or plasterboard. ThermaCote improves thermal efficiency and reduces home upkeep costs. ThermaCote uses ceramic technology to prevent loss of heat and cold. On the outer surfaces, ThermaCote provides a weather barrier, ensuring additional insulation and breathability, allowing the trapped moisture to escape. Buildings and structures with applied ThermaCote will operate closer to their assigned "R" value throughout their operational lifetime. On inner surfaces, ThermaCote acts as an air barrier and prevents the escape of cold or warm air. This significantly reduces the operating time of air conditioners or heaters, providing energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. It is an advanced ceramic technology, applied by spraying and with ultra-low VOC content. It seals the structure of commercial and residential buildings, both indoor and outdoor, saving energy consumption. 10-year guarantee. Energy-saving up to 40%. Environmentally friendly product.


Rotating Dolphin Roller handle for the 330 series roller

Handle for Rotating Dolphin Roller (330 series) with a rotary joint is an innovative painting solution. Rotating Dolphin Roller system shortens the time of painting work, compared to traditional painting holders. 360º swivel joint enables the user to adjust the operating angle and to paint in two planes. This allows the user to paint horizontally and vertically without the need for additional painting tools.


VacuMaster Glass 1000

VacuMaster Glass 1000 means the modernity, safety and reliability in construction industry: > Double-circuit vacuum system and electronic warning device; > Modular design and quick-couplers; > Long-lasting, rechargeable battery; > Universal charger; > Delivery in a robust wooden case; > High level of safety for the operator and the handled object; > Flexible arrangement of suction discs for different sizes of glass; > One-shift operation without battery replacement; > May be used in international projects.


VacuMaster Window Comfort 500

VacuMaster Window Comfort 500 is a vacuum lifting device from Schmalz, which is a perfect and ergonomic solution for lifting vertical windows. Functions and advantages: Lifting and turning heavy and large windows; - Safe and easy handling of windows, glass panes and elements with a maximum weight of 500 kg; - Lifting and rotating controlled by pressing control buttons; - Ergonomic handling of large glazed surfaces on various heights, e.g. sliding patio/balcony doors; - Handling windows with shutters or wide window frames. Benefits: Secure handling of heavy windows and glass panes without leaving any trace. Effortless turning and tilting of lifted objects. Maximum flexibility to handle objects of different sizes. No retooling required when using different devices.


WiroVent EVO

WiroVent EVO provides the highest level of air circulation and ventilation efficiency, to let you and your family enjoy a real homely atmosphere. The innovative design of the fireplace ensures maximum performance combined with an attractive look that will decorate your roof. The condensate removal system protects the ventilation system and it has been optimized and improved by optional protective insulation, so you can forget about moisture accumulating in the duct. Two available diameters (125 and 150) facilitate optimal selection of the fireplace to take into account requirements of individual areas and systems. The innovative design provides quick and non-invasive access to the ventilation duct, without the need for re-levelling of the fireplace.


ShopRoller SR shop door

ShopRoller SR is a series of shop doors providing high-quality, comfort of use and safety, intended to secure commercial areas within shopping centres, stadiums etc. These smoothly operated doors are offered with four types of curtains, optionally with break-in-resistant accessories of RC 2 or RC 3 resistance class. Depending on customer needs, the curtains may be perforated or full to cover the interior of the store. The compact design ensures easy and quick installation inside and outside of the shop or within the shop door/window opening.


Venifloor X - integrated veneered panel

Venifloor X floor is a new generation floor that combines the best features of real wood, high quality and very good technical parameters. Dedicated to underfloor heating. Comparison of Venifloor hardness and other wooden floors available on the market:

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Kubota KX027-4 High-Spec mini-excavator

The weight of Kubota KX027-4 High Spec is within 2600 kg and the machine is provided with two additional hydraulic lines, main pivots in bushes, quick-coupling for the bucket and a spacious cabin with excellent visibility. This mini-excavator has an arm of 1190 mm with a very high breakout force. The excavator uses a proprietary solution of its Japanese manufacturer - twin rollers under the tracks that improve machine stability on uneven terrain. The machine is driven by a modern diesel engine with a power of 24 HP, ensuring low fuel consumption and excellent flexibility. Auto-Shift system automatically adjusts the driving speed to the current load of the excavator, reducing fuel combustion and increasing work efficiency by 30%.


SPT tracked mini crane

SPT mini cranes are designed and manufactured in accordance with EU standards and received the necessary CE and ISO certificates. As a standard, our cranes are controlled by a joystick or a wireless remote controller. They are also equipped with a smart display to monitor the status of the machine. Two motors - diesel for outdoor use and electrical for working indoors - ensure zero noise and reduce exhaust emissions. The machine is equipped with white caterpillars and covered by a two-year guarantee.

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