Organizer: Grupa MTP

They talk about BUDMA...


In our opinion, this was one of the best editions of the BUDMA fair. It is getting better every year and the trade fair is becoming a more and more prestigious event. This is indicated not only by the opinions of exhibitors, but above all by numbers. This year, nearly 1,000 exhibitors took part in the event, who took 30,000. sqm. exhibition space. The accompanying events are also extremely interesting. Driving around the world, participating in all European trade fairs, we have a comparison. Polish fairs do not differ from them. Organization at the highest level.

Once again, we have seen that being an exhibitor at Budma is very important. First of all, because the Polish window and door joinery market is one of the most dynamically developing markets in Europe and in the world. This is evidenced by a large group of exhibitors and visitors. We are above all satisfied with the reception and interest enjoyed by our new decors, ie skai® Woodec, skai® Jet Black and precious colors from the Matt Line collection. As we have done so far, we are going to be exhibiting at Budma in odd years, or every other year. For sure, as every time, we will want to surprise our customers with new technologies and design solutions. It should be remembered that our foils are not only a piece of plastic but above all a technically advanced product, which is confirmed by technologies used by us: Life Like, TP60, Cool Colors, and Cool Colors Plus.

R & D Tech:
The company R & D Tech sp. O.o. for the fifth time she was active, ie as an exhibitor, participation in the WinDoor-tech Fair. Undeniably, the fair is an excellent opportunity to meet representatives of the production and technology sector of a window and door joinery. It is also a great opportunity to establish contacts with suppliers and service providers. This year's edition of the fair perfectly captured all interested parties, at what pace the optimization of production processes progresses and what challenges the machine manufacturers are facing to machine manufacturers. This year, our stand was visited by a record number of people, which we are very happy and thank you for.

SWISSPACER / Saint-Gobain:
We praise participation in the Budma fair, we were visited by many current and potential customers. We also reached people and companies that use the Swisspacer warm frame and wanted to have direct contact with us for even better promotion.

We consider this year's edition of the fair very successful. Our booth, like every year, was visited by current and potential contractors. Particular attention of visitors was attracted by the fanlight with a slim frame and the Oak Turner color. However, the greatest value for us is the possibility of individual conversations with the recipients, discussing problems, listening to suggestions that constitute a basic incentive for us to work and implement new solutions.

DELTA Zbigniew Różycki appreciates the trade fair very positively. They allowed us to present new products expanding the company's offer and meeting with clients, both domestic and foreign.

This year's edition of the Fair is very successful - our stand was visited by over 1500 people, we have had many interesting conversations with potential clients from Poland and abroad, which will surely translate into further cooperation.
We are satisfied with the course of the fair. Many nice meetings, interesting conversations, positive negotiation decisions - this is how you can sum up the market days. Once again, we joined forces with our partners - machine suppliers - and, as always, this cooperation proved very fruitful. Our solutions were very popular, which only confirms that the demand for innovation in software for our industry is not diminishing, and LogiKal is the number one invariably.

This year's fair was very important to us due to the premiere of the next five systems. In order to present everything to the public, we designed an unusual stand that attracted interested people from afar :) It is very nice to listen to how important customers praise our products and at the same time point out that the stand stands out against other exhibitors.

This year's edition of the fair was very popular. We hosted many visitors at our stand, in this very large group there were foreign contractors. It was possible to notice an increase in foreign customers interested in Polish products.

The fairs were extremely popular. They allowed contact with a large group of people specializing in window joinery, including potential clients. There were so many people that there was often no opportunity to talk, and the catalogs almost ran out. It is a great success of the organizers and the Eastern Construction Cluster, which created a common zone of exhibitors and producers / brands.

Several weeks of preparation, planning, meetings, and projects have produced a fantastic effect. We are very pleased that so many people visited our stand. We also thank the companies that decided to buy our equipment. BUDMA is definitely one of the most important events in the construction industry. The presented products, technological innovations, and the whole organization really make an impression. These were four very satisfying, but also very intense days.

This year's edition of the Fair, as usual, was impressive, well organized, well-publicized in the media. We can not wait for the next edition.

BUDMA 2019 was a breakthrough for us - mainly due to the distinction received, which is the Gold Medal, the first in the history of our company. Thank you for this award. We are very positive about this event, looking both in terms of the number of business talks held with companies that stopped at our stand, to get to know our products and for the organization. In our opinion, the number of visitors this year was much higher than in previous years. Fairs are an extremely important point for us in the company's promotion and development strategy. They are a great opportunity to present new products, meet new contractors and meet with current customers. For this reason, we will be visiting Budma also next year.

BUDMA is the most important fair event of the construction industry in Poland and one of the most important in Central and Eastern Europe. The Poznań fair is a space for presenting the latest offer and innovative solutions by over 1000 exhibitors. A place to acquire knowledge, exchange experiences and, above all, business meetings, maintaining relations with current clients and acquiring new contacts. The fair also includes numerous accompanying events, competitions, conferences, debates, and shows.
During the press conference "Light, Solid, Art - a comprehensive offer of the woodwork" was presented to the Ambassador of FAKRO, an outstanding Polish architect Robert Konieczny, who will support the Polish company in its global development.

A very successful trade fair. In addition to existing clients, a lot of new, potential contractors have appeared.

BUDMA is an opportunity for us to learn and track technological trends. What PFR Real Estate is doing is a new quality. We want the housing estates built by us to set new trends in architecture and urban planning so that these are places where people will live well - with green places, cultural centers, and educational spaces. This has not been the case in Poland since the 1980s.

The last WinDoor-Tech 2019 fair can be summarized briefly: extremely successful and memorable!
The largest stand in the history of FIMTEC-POLSKA, which was also the largest stand in this year's edition of WinDoor-tech 2019 / Budma, was visited by a record number of guests and clients. The entire 5G sector (over 680 sqm) has been vibrant with life, and numerous meetings, trade talks, and new relationships have filled us with the time from morning to evening (and time and night).
During the fair, Ambassador Fimtec accompanied us: Agnieszka Rylik, World Champion in boxing and kick-boxing. Each visitor could take a commemorative photo with Master on the wall of FIMTEC CITY, which after the printout was handed autographed and, often, a dedication! Thanks to everyone who wanted to visit us during the last edition of WinDoor-Tech 2019. Thank you for all kind words and words of appreciation for how we prepared the presentation of machines in our FIMTEC CITY. See you at the next edition of WinDoor-tech 2021!