Gold Medal Winners 2014

The Gold Medal is awarded to the best products exhibited at Poznan International Fair.

The PIF Gold Medal has had a long tradition and reputation in the modern history of the Poznań International Fair. It has been awarded since 1979 and has been a distinction highly respected by both Polish and foreign exhibitors.

BUDMA 2014

THERMO CARBON type aluminium external door

HÖRMANN KG Eckelhausen, Germany

Submitting party: HÖRMANN POLSKA sp. z o.o., Komorniki

Pavilion 5, stand 26


Aluminium door for passive houses, with heat permeability coefficient UD of 0.47 W/(m2K). 100 mm thick door panel filled with polyurethane foam has an internal door leaf profile. It is exactly this profile, made from composite materials based on carbon and glass fibre, and aluminium door frame with a thermal compartment that create such an efficient heat barrier. Triple seals and heat-insulating glass also contribute to this. The door has a 9-point interlock and soon it will optionally have burglary protection equipment in RC 2, RC 3 and RC 4 class.

CONNECT overhead garage gate

WIŚNIOWSKI sp. z o.o. S.K.A., Wielogłowy

Pavilion 5, stand 47


New joinery star, CONNECT overhead garage gate with a drive, constitutes the latest proposal of the WIŚNIOWSKI brand.
CONNECT gate presents a combination of the best structural and functional characteristics of
overhead gates with modern design inspired by segmental gates. Connect overhead gate is characterized by solid structure, modern look and the possibility of adjusting it to various assembly conditions – minimum lintel in garage-way is 0 mm. The gate has an attractive, smooth surface resembling a segment gate leaf.

It is possible thanks to rivet-free system of gate plating which consists of 5 panels of the same width made from tinned sheet coated with polyester paint.

Steel gates for collective garages ET 500

HÖRMANN Legnica sp. z o.o., Gromadka

Submitting party: HÖRMANN POLSKA sp. z o.o., Komorniki

Pavilion 5, stand 26


Reliable, economical overhead gate for collective garages. It opens and closes smooth, quietly and safely. It takes little space under the lintel and thank to a no-wear counterweight mechanism it is almost maintenance-free. The gate together with a drive guarantees low operation costs. The structure has been designed for min. 250,000 gate cycles. ET 500 can be made from perforated or solid sheet; there is a possibility of individual filling in order to perfectly incorporate it visually in the building façade.

Burglary and fire protection door, smoke-proof with increased acoustic insulation properties DELTA MAGNUM 68K

DELTA Zbigniew Różycki, Katowice

Pavilion 8A, stand 16


Burglary and fire protection door, smoke-proof with increased acoustic insulation properties DELTA MAGNUM 68K. The door is of RC3 , EI230 ,Sa, Sm ,Rw(C;Ctr) = 45 (-1;-5) dB classes respectively. Innovative solutions in the door (acc. to patent applications) include: two systems of central locks (traditional and automatic), adjusted hinged in three axes and special Delta WKW acoustic insert. Moreover, the door can be equipped in a sink lock and a decorated external panel.

Gerda S Premium flat entry door

GERDA sp. z o.o., Komorów

Pavilion 8A, stand 11



Gerda Premium S door is characterized by the latest structural and technological parameters thanks to which, among others, perfect sound-attenuation parameters were achieved together with a leaf sealing system to guarantee user comfort by insulating them from noise and unpleasant odours from the staircase or other rooms. This is the highest burglary-resistance class door. Varied design and colour schemes, including technologies with inserts, allows incorporating the door to flats, apartments and business spaces.

NIAGARA metal gutter systems

SYSTEM PRUSZYŃSKI sp. z o.o., Drzewica

Submitting party: PRUSZYŃSKI sp. z o.o., Warszawa

Pavilion 6A, stand 4


NIAGARA gutter systems are comprehensive drainage systems made of polyurethane-coated steel, titanium, zinc, copper, aluminium alloys and tin. Rich colour scheme and a variety of materials guarantee a wide range of system applications both for modern buildings and for renovation of historical buildings. Being maintenance-free (e.g. no need to paint) guarantees low operation and servicing costs. Durability of the Niagara gutters will mostly appeal to investors, whereas assembly workers will appreciate fast and easy assembly which does not require any extra tools, glues and seals. Wide tube coupling and technologically advanced bottom guarantee complete leak-proofness of the system.

Type F window for flat roofs

FAKRO sp. z o.o., Nowy Sącz

Pavilion 5, stand 93


In flat-roof buildings there are sometimes rooms in which it is not possible to install standard vertical windows. In each room there should be a source of natural light to make people feel comfortable there. In such a case, an ideal solution would be to install specially designed FAKRO windows for flat roofs. DEF windows for flat roofs provide extra natural light to a room and offer a possibility of ventilating it, they combine high functionality with excellent thermal insulation parameters.

DISCRET door frame

Entra sp. z o.o., Pruszcz Gdański

Pavilion 8, stand 49


DISCRET door frame system is a revolutionary solution for assembly of doors enabling to hide the door frame and face it completely with wall surface. The system enables assembly in a gypsum-and-cardboard and brick wall. Door frame surface can be covered with decorative materials identical with the surface of the adhering wall which gives the effect of lack of door frame and a door leaf being installed directly in the wall. System manufacturer can adjust it to any type and size of door up to 2.7 m in height.

ThermaBitum FR thermal insulation plate.

Włozamot Panel sp. z o.o.

Pavilion 6A, stand 42


ThermaBitum FR plates manufactured by WŁOZAMOT Panel Grupa EuroPanels are composite insulation products, unique at European scale. It is mostly intended for flat roofs in newly-built facilities and for thermal insulation of existing facilities. Perfect insulation properties, high fire resistance of 30 minutes in a single layer system and hydro-insulation constitute ideal parameters for flat roofs with 0 to 20° inclination. Non-flammable core from PIR polyurethane foam and easy assembly are unquestionable advantages of the ThermaBitum FR sheets produced by WŁOZAMOT Panel Grupa EuroPanels.

TERMOton P+W 44 structural clay tile

Zakład Ceramiki Budowlanej OWCZARY R.E.R. Stępień Spółka Jawna, Owczary

Pavilion 3, stand 56


Densely hollowed Termoton 44 P+W structural clay is characterized by thermal resistance not previously encountered in Poland which enable construction of a single layer wall with heat permeability coefficient U at the level if 0.2 W/m2K. Such parameters have been so far attainable only for multi-layer walls. Learn more at

Porotherm T Profi / Dryfix hollow bricks filled with mineral wool

Wienerberger cihlářský průmysl, a.s., Czech Republic

Submitting party: Wienerberger Ceramika Budowlana sp. z o.o., Warszawa

Pavilion 6A, stand 37


Porotherm T Profi/Dryfix are polished structural clay tiles filled with mineral wool with excellent thermal insulation properties. You can build single-layer walls with them without extra heat insulation and get heat permeability coefficient of up to U=0.18 W/m2K. Single-layer walls made of Porotherm Profi/Dryfix clay tiles guarantee perfect micro-climate indoors thanks to high thermal and acoustic insulation parameters and the possibility of "wall breathing". A thin-layer Porotherm Profi mortar or Porotherm Dryfix for dry laying of bricks is used.

Putzmeister Mixokret M740 NEW Generation

Putzmeister Mörtelmaschinen GmbH, Germany

Pavilion 3, stand 84


World premiere of the new generation Mixokret M740 device at BUDMA 2014

Jointless floor is a natural expertise area for each Mixokret. The fourth generation has been completely re-designed and it will increase efficiency of the previous, successful machine at workplace. The M740 model make a huge impression thanks to its improved access to all sorts of works, a new compressor ensuring smoother pumping operation, easy and ergonomic operation concept and an innovative ventilation system which increases the range of operation temperatures by about 15%.


ICOPAL S.A., Zduńska Wola

Pavilion 6, stand 12


Icopal Green Roof is an extensive roof system in classical or reversed arrangement for flat or gable roofs. The system is made based on bituminous hydro-insulation, specialized drainage and retention mats and pre-cultivated vegetation mats with sedum, herbs and moss in the growth phase. Apart from total roofing leak-proofness, the main advantages of the roof include small weight of the roof layer in irrigated condition, fast assembly and being maintenance-free in the operation period. The system does not require use of heavy, expensive and labour-consuming mineral substrate.

Venecja – modular metal roof tile

BUDMAT Bogdan Więcek, Płock

Pavilion 6A, stand 9


Venecja - an innovative product for roofing. Made from SSAB Swedish steel with Prelaq X-Matt coating, it is characterized by huge resistance to corrosion and has 50 years of warranty. BUDMAT produces Venecja modular roof tiles also from German sheets with D-Matt coating (30-year warranty). Venecja modular roof tile is a comprehensive roof implementation system with flashing and FLAMINGO gutters. Therefore BUDMAT offers a complete roof for 50 years.


  • the longest warranty of the market for 50 years (with X-Matt coating)
  • very easy and fast assembly
  • 20% less scrap compared to other steel roofs
  • ideal adherence of sheets
  • factory made holes for screws to facilitate assembly

(protection of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland)

  • 350 mm module and wide 1150 mm cover surface as many as 350 roof sheets on one europallet

CBS 2014

PUMPTRACK bike playground

Bikeparkitect s.r.o., Czech Republic

Submitting party: BTProject s.c. Poznań

Pavilion 7, stand 12


This is a new generation bike play for people of all ages. It presents an opportunity to get familiar with a bike; it improves motoric coordination and the sense of balance while guaranteeing maximum safety at the same time. PUMPTRACK bike playground is a result of many years of experience in designing and constructing bike tracks and sport infrastructure. Know-how, engaging professional cyclists, construction engineers and designers from all over the world yielded a unique, modular track conforming with all the European safety standards for playgrounds: EN 1176-1:2009, EN 1176-7:2009.

GLASS 2014

Laminated safety glass (VSG) bent in three planes (thermally hardened)

PROTEH sp. z o.o. Juszkowo

Pavilion 5, stand 138


"Freedom in architecture"

The presented product is laminated safety glass (VSG) bent in three planes and thermally hardened. The presented glass is composed of two 8mm thick glasses, glued on PVB foil (the first glass is Antelio Silver, the other one is Float Clear). This solution has been used with a lot of success in a pilot project on the façade of an office-and-apartment building in Sopot by architect Andrzej Potyka.

When it comes to applications of this type of glazing in the construction industry, this product is revolutionary on the world-scale. So far only glass bent in two planes (cylindrical or spherical) could be encountered on façades.



GLASSOLUTIONS Saint-Gobain, Jaroszowiec

Submitting party: Saint-Gobain Polska, Jaroszowiec

Pavilion 5, stand 126


Glass constitutes as much as 80% of the whole window thus it exerts the greatest influence on its heat parameters. Innovative CLIMATOP LUX technology open wide horizons for creating glazed architectural forms filled with sun. Thanks to using this technology, windows are no longer a weak point in the design of an energy-efficient building but yet another asset. Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies, used nowadays in passive houses, it is not only possible to restrain the escape of heat from interiors but also to compensate for energy losses thanks to passive solar gain. CLIMATOP LUX sealed units are based on low-emission Planitherm Lux coatings and double-chamber technology in the inter-glass space of min. 14 mm width, filled with argon and set in a SWISSPACER warm edge space bar, which reduces the effect of linear thermal bridges at the meeting point of glass and frame.


GLASSOLUTIONS Saint-Gobain, Jaroszowiec

Submitting party: Saint-Gobain Polska, Jaroszowiec

Pavilion 5, stand 126


PRIVA-LITE is an active glass that changes its matt form into transparent form under the influence of electrical current.

Ideal for:
- partition walls in rooms, bathrooms and kitchen annexes
- doors
- PRIVA-Lite glass guarantees top-quality image if used as a projector screen

Regardless of the degree of transparency PRIVA-LITE glass is characterized by constant, high permeability to light. Increased safety level and low energy consumption are also among advantages of this glass. PRIVA-LITE is ideal for hotel rooms and bathrooms, conference rooms, office spaces as well as Wellness & Spa areas.
In such applications, variable transparency has both its aesthetic and functional dimension.

This solution has been used in many international hotel chains with a lot of success.

It can also be used as a component of a sealed unit together with a range of other available products of GLASSOLUTIONS Saint-Gobain.


PL500 GREEN SB fireplace with a water jacket

LECHMA Lech Piasny, Poznań

Pavilion 5A, stand 16


PL500 Green SB fireplace with water jacket is the latest product of the Lechma company. Fireplace insert presents innovative design solutions which allowed to achieve efficiency at the level fo 80% and meet strict requirements of the German ecological BlmSchV 2 standard which will come into force in December 2014. The fireplace has a rated power of 13.5KW, operating pressure of 2 bar, a solid bent glass, and furnace lined with vermiculite. The product is ecological and cares for the environment.


KRATKI.PL Marek Bal, Jedlińsk / Wsola

Pavilion 5A, stand 21



All the inserts are characterized by a similar, modern front diversified with decorative stripes. This produces an optical illusion of a front being wider than in reality. It was the goal of the designers to create a wider fire vision. The body of the furnace is made of boiler steel and the chamber has been lined with accumulative laps. This solution gives the fireplace an attractive look. Moreover, use of this material guarantees keeping proper burning temperature, which translates into higher efficiency of furnaces.

Palette CAD Software

Palette CAD GmbH, Germany

Submitting party: Kominki Damaro, Damian Gawron, Rybnik

Pavilion 5A, stand 32


Palette CAD is a company of great international significance which has been creating software for interior, bathroom, fireplace and furniture design for more than twenty years. The software is available in almost the whole Europe and beyond. Therefore there are many language versions of it. It contains constantly updated, huge libraries of procedure, objects and textures.

It allows for professional presentation of a design in multiple forms; from a photo-like realistic graphic, through water-colour design view to 3D photos and films for 3D TV and screens.

New generation fireplace inserts - LINEAR II series

Spartherm Feuerungstechnik GmbH, Germany

Submitting party: Spartherm Polska, Gorzów Wielkopolski

Pavilion 5A, stand 23


New generation Spartherm fireplace inserts - LINEAR II series

Sparthem is a German enterprise, European leader in the fireplace industry. It places a lot of emphasis on design and top-quality. It constantly develops new ideas and technologies, which resulted in marketing a new generation of fireplace inserts, Linear II series. A wide range of unique technological and visual solutions have been employed in the new model including, among others, a modernized system of fume gas after-burning, increased furnace efficiency, minimized imprint on the glass, improving fire vision.
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