Who visited BUDMA 2017 fair?


Analysis of the visitors' profile.

Offer and programme of the International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA is aimed at four main gropus of clients: trade representatives, architects and designers, contractors and developers. BUDMA 2017 brought attention of nearly 45 000 participants. We are presenting detailed statistics of the fair based on questionnaires below.

Business meetings with professionals.

The most numerously represented group of this year's event were traders, who accounted for as much as 44% of the total number of visitors to the event. The group of contractors and experts was also large: 35% of the total number of professionals. Architects and designers accounted for 12%, and investors and developers 8% of the people participating in the construction trade fair.


Managing staff represented the largest group of customers at the Fair

More than half of the participants of the fair, 53%, were companies' purchasing decision-makers. The employees who thanks to the offer presented had an opportunity to learn about the latest product offers, accounted for 44% of the total number of the Fair visitors.


International business

The BUDMA Fair was attended by the representatives of 49 countries, virtually from the entire world, accounting for 14% of the total number of the Fair visitors. The most often heard foreign language during business meetings with exhibitors was German – 15% and Lithuanian – 12%. Also Scandinavia was represented in great number. From the north of Europe as many as 11% of the total number of persons interested in the latest construction industry news arrived.



BUDMA 2017. Intense building.

The four exhibition days of BUDMA and WinDoor-tech were extremely intense. The exhibitors turned up in Poznań in large numbers, as there were more than 800 of them from as many as 26 countries around the world, and presented hundreds of new products and dozens of market premieres. The number of visitors, interested in the topic of construction and architecture, was huge. On the surface area of 55 thousand m2 the latest industry proposals were admired by almost 45 thousand Fair guests! Also the programme of events was exceptionally extensive. We can easily say that this year's Fair gave its participants many inspirations, a huge dose of knowledge and, above all, opportunities for business talks.

News, Premieres, Gold Medallists.

29 MTP Gold Medals of BUDMA and WinDoor-tech, several hundred new products and dozens of market premieres as part of the BUDMA Premieres Club – all of these were waiting for the Fair guests in Poznań. Especially the market premieres aroused great visitors' interest. After all, we could see those products live for the very first time during the Fair. Quite a surprise was made for example by the FAKRO company, which has expanded its range with innovative HST Sky lift and slide door, or Fibar Group, which presented an easy-to-use and intuitive FIBARAO KeyFob remote control allowing the user to control the whole house in an easy and convenient way. The products which, thanks to the careful evaluation of an expert Jury, were awarded the MTP Gold Medal, deserved particular attention. We need to mention here the innovative and power-efficient EMO window installation system by the Stropex company, which almost entirely eliminates thermal bridging, or the hydrophobic sanitary plaster by the Izonil company, characterized by e.g excellent water resistance parameters. The list of all winners of the MTP Gold Medal at BUDMA, together with detailed descriptions, can be found at www.zlotymedal.mtp.pl, and you can also vote there in an additional Gold Medal competition – Consumer's Choice.




Huge dose of knowledge.

Technological innovations is one of the reasons to visit Poznań, but not the only one. Many people came to the capital of the Wielkopolska region because of the extensive programme of events for specialists. In particular, we should list here the 1st Economic Construction and Architecture Forum, which was held under the patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction. The three-day Forum provided us with specific information on, among other things, the urban development and construction code, Mieszkanie Plus programme, or the supervision of the construction products market. During the conference organized by the DaFa association, one could learn about design and construction of lightweight fittings, technical conditions, rating methodology of wall cladding or the role of tightness in public buildings. In turn, the topics of energy efficiency, the benefits of building passive facilities and significant thermo-modernization were discussed as part of the 8th Forum of Passive Construction and Energy Efficiency.

The Architecture Forum once again presented a number of interesting events for architects. Unique products of unusual design and special architectural value were presented by Fakro, Porta Drzwi and Tubądzin, as part of the ArchiStrada project. The architectural debate on the "Architect's Social Responsibility" was moderated by journalist and architecture critic Jakub Głaz. In addition, meetings with special guests were held: the architects of the Bulanda Mucha Architekci studio, Stanisław Niemczyk and Fernando Menis. The Spanish architect, creator of the Jordanki Cultural and Congress Centre, was the greatest star of architecture at this year's Budma. He gave a lecture entitled "Reason and Emotion – the special case of an opera in Toruń."  We also met the winners of the third edition of the Architectural Sketches contest. This time the highest podium belonged to Maria Krupiak of the Opole University of Technology, and the audience's award went to the work by Michał Ptak from the Podhale State Higher Vocational School in Nowy Targ.





Professionals at BUDMA.

Lots of shows, trainings and competitions were waiting for professionals during all exhibition days. It is worth mentioning, in particular, the demonstrations of proper wood joinery mounting techniques as part of the Monteriada project. The attempt to break in through the Internorm window was interesting, as everyone could try to do that (eventually the window was broken only due to a technical error during its installation). Much was happening in the Turbo Power zone, where roofers, carpenters and metalsmiths competed for the title of a Turbo ROOFER. The contestants had as many as 11 tasks to complete, and the KRAKUSY team of Paweł Tynka and Paweł Francuz turned out to be the best. Here the new Polish record in the roof window installation time was broken – 13 minutes and 8 seconds (21 seconds faster!). Parquet layers and flooring installers also competed for the Polish Champion title. Krzysztof Ratke from Łódź became the International Polish Champion. The title of the Polish Champion of flooring installers went to Warsaw, and it was awarded to Michał Wojcieski. Moreover, precious prizes could be also won at the stands of the Fair exhibitors, who prepared interesting and challenging competitions. It was also worth visiting the MTP's Hall No. 4, where every professional could personally test the presented equipment and construction materials.



WinDoor-tech – a window on the world

26. Budma was accompanied by the WINDOOR-TECH Fair of Machines and Components for Window, Door, Gate and Facade Production. It was a good opportunity to see the complete range of the latest, efficient and energy-saving technologies for this market segment. An interesting formula, implemented for the fourth time already during WINDOOR-TECH, was Live Window Factory. For the first time, aluminium doors and windows were manufactured as part of this event. The windows made at the Fair will be donated to the Patria Foundation in Imiołki in Wielkopolska, where the Integration Equestrian Centre for Children and Youth is being constructed. The partners of the event included: Elumatec, Elusoft, Stuertz, Orgadata, Mirox, Winkhaus, Pilkington and Ponzio.


Another meeting of the industry will be held in one year's time!

Please join us at the next meeting of the construction industry in Poznań! In 2018, BUDMA and the accompanying KOMINKI Fair will be held between January 30 and February 2! See you next year!!

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